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    I’m an expert in continuous quality improvement who’s never surprised on how process continues to be that 90% factor to deliver business growth and bottom-line results. Combined with data analysis, this never misses on unleashing the power of your most important assets – your people, their expertise, and knowledge…especially when linked to both a strong customer centric mindset and the marketplace.
    My name is Rick Hepp and here you can get more information on me and my experiences as an operations leader and CI expert.  This site includes the services that I offer, case study examples of Operational Excellence I've observed  "in action", and just a whole range of basic facts, overviews, and presentations around the methodologies, tools and techniques of Operational Excellence.
    Services include customized training, project & program support on an hourly or monthly retainer basis.  I specialize in Six Sigma DMAIC and DMADOV methodologies, Lean 5S/7Ways/Value Stream Mapping, Team Empowerment and High Performance Team techniques, as well as basic support & analysis of data & process information.
    Case Studies are a selected portfolio of the various projects I've coached and mentored in Plastics/Chemicals industry, Insurance, Biotech/pharma (drug & device) as well as HealthCare.
    Specific overviews and summary presentations are included around what I call the "Five Basic Elements of Operational Excellence"  ... (1) Seven BasicTools (learned & in use within a 1/2 hour via on-line boot camp training), (2) Process Leadership through containment, Lean and continuous improvement techniques, (3) Change Management through facilitation and leadership skills, (4) Quality methodologies including Six Sigma DMAIC & DMADOV, TQM, PDCA and others, and (5) transformation through Business Process Management.

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